Off to a Great Start

The Oatlands Park cleanup and beautification project off to a great start last week. Refer previous vlog.

Some welcome rain today. Not much – intermittent and a downpour at times – but better than nothing. Oatlands Park – like the rest of Grahamstown and the Eastern Cape – needs rain desperately.

Mandi – pictured above in his new rain-suit purchased from Buco Grahasmtown – is working at the park and surrounds on Wednesday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s. Joined by Geoffrey on Saturday’s and both do a quick litter clean up of Oatlands Park on Tuesday’s.

Today (Wed), Mandi is walking the Henry Street, Oatlands Road, Speke Street, Milner, Grocott and Fitzroy “block”. Good haul of litter taken from the hedge of the magnificent Christ Church in Speke Street.

Bring on the rain, keep the litter at bay.


Before moving back to Grahamstown in Oct 2017, Graeme was a bank executive based in the big smoke and craziness of Joburg. He has 20 years’ experience in the Payments Industry. He is a Chartered Accountant, has a Masters in Management by Research (MMR) from Wits Business School, and attended an Advanced Management Programme (AMP) offered by INSEAD (The Business School for the World!) in France.  

Graeme is the founder of The Grahamstown Project. It’s simple. He says, “Grahamstown is a microcosm of South Africa. If we can’t get this place to function properly then the whole country is stuffed. Many of the troubles we experience as a country today have their roots here in Grahamstown. it is here where black and white people first engaged in conflict on the African continent. It is here where 9 wars of dispossession over 100 years took place and virtually destroyed the amaXhosa nation. But we are where we are. I don’t have a British passport and the boat-trip back to where my ancestors came from is exorbitantly expensive. Furthermore, this is my home. I am a son of Africa. We must work together to redress the injustices of the past and move as one into a brighter future.”

Graeme is an avid historian, writer, vlogger and public speaker. Like and follow the Facebook page. Join him on a tour. Contact him. He would love that.